Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Welcome to Mum v Austerity 2013!

It's been a long time coming; an idea that I should blog what is happening in Austerity UK - not from a lofty academic point of view, not from a Left v Right point of view, but from a Mum on the front line with 46 years of experience behind her, a few A Levels, had when we had a decent state education, and a lot of nouse!

Just a little snippet about me: I am a Humanitarian Socialist. I am NOT a "Loony  Left Winger" a "Marxist in Disguise" a "Member of the Hard Left" - I'm just a Socialist who won't look the other way when I see my fellow human beings suffering... and suffering they are in Austerity UK.

I will not be bringing you ideas favoured by other more academic writers, who know a lot more about the idiosyncrasies of all the political parties than I do. What I will be bringing you are real life stories of what is happening on the front line for families in Britain in these times of austerity; some stories will be about what is happening in my own family, my own back yard, and those of my neighbours and friends, stories relayed on Twitter and social media of current times, and stories happening in my region, which is North Wales.

For the record I am Mum to 4 lads aged from 23 down to 13, one of my sons is autistic, I work Part Time due to my caring duties and am Self Employed. Three of my sons live at home and the eldest lives in England with his Girlfriend. I have been married for 14 years, and my husband is also Self Employed Part Time - again down to Caring Duties for our youngest son.

We live in a coastal, rural town in North Wales, which was a move from Liverpool in 2004 due to wanting a better quality of life for our family due to gun crime. I will be blogging about life in N Wales in Austerity UK.

I make no apologies for having, as Nye Bevan once said " a deep burning hatred" of this Coalition Governments policies, as I believe they are creating a Them v Us Society which the Labour Party or any party gaining power in 2015 will find it almost impossible to reverse. For those on the front line of these cuts, austerity is a very real, frightening terror, marked by daily survival - all thoughts of trying to enjoy life are crippled by lack of money, lack of secure employment, dread of the future. This Government are literally responsible for lives being lost, and that is reprehensible.