Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Working Class Hero is something to be....

Working class people like you and I are bombarded by right wing newspapers dishing out their vile rantings about 'scroungers' on a daily basis. A presumption that all we want to read about is how well England are doing at football and how many pints Nigel Farage and his Ukip cronies have downed at the pub on their jaunt around the UK trying to sound like 'one of the lads'. Stockbrokers like Farage trying to pull the wool over our eyes while they spew forth their racist, sexist agendas.

So we turn to the only paper where we can read the truth of how banker forced austerity is affecting our lives. In The Morning Star we can read about the struggle to feed our families, how working people are turning to foodbanks, how Michael Gove is wrecking our kids education with his posh grammar school curriculum nonsense and news from other working class communities throughout the world like Venezuela and Cuba. Morning Star reporters tell us about a wide range of diverse topics that are going on in our communities, not who Katie Price's latest husband is or what Victoria Beckham is wearing on a daily basis!

From The Morning Star we get the truth behind what this vicious Coalition Government are up to every day. News of how comrades across the world are fighting back against austerity, and even features like the great recipes from our own Commie Chef, theatre and music reviews that never see the light of day in the right wing papers, and sport coverage for all, not the few.

However, The Morning Star has no huge corporation of capitalists behind it, pumping in money on a daily basis. But it does have you and I. People own shares in The Morning Star: ordinary people not rich bankers. It is a reader owned co-operative. The downside is that it takes thousands of pounds to keep The Morning Star running 6 days a week, 12 months of the year and it struggles to fund the paper continuously.

The paper has just launched its Summer of Heroes campaign with some success but it wants to expand to become a true mass owned paper by thousands or even millions of ordinary people.

It's not asking for big unaffordable amounts like you see on TV. To be a truly mass owned paper by its readers the paper is asking for a £1 donation if you can afford it. Fine if you have more to spare -any donation would be gratefully received of course. But just think if 50,000 people gave £1 each? The paper has plans to invest in new technology and raise awareness of The Morning Star, increase its circulation so more people can read the news you passionately care about. A paper owned by factory workers, mums and dads. carers, the disabled, the self employed, the unemployed - a vast army of ordinary people who own shares in their own newspaper!

So could you spare £1 to take The Morning Star forward and be part of a mass movement of people who do care what they read everyday and value getting the truth out to a wider audience to counteract the right wing tabloids?

A Working Class Hero is indeed something to be. Please donate your £1 or more if it is possible and make The Morning Star a true mass owned newspaper by the very people the paper writes about.